Q & A 7

Jul 28, 12 Q & A 7

What are the options available to me if I want to lighten and remove my skin pigmentation? How long does the procedure take, how many sessions will I need and lastly, is the treatment painful?

There are many kinds of skin pigmentation, from birthmarks to scars and even age spots, etc. The treatment recommended will depend on the type of pigmentation. Generally, creams work for pigmentation over the cheeks and pigmentation as a result of scarring. Otherwise, other procedures such as chemical peels, dermabrasion and lasers may be needed to treat such lesions. The interval of treatment will largely depend on what kind of lesions you have, but generally it should be around 3-6 weeks. Most of these treatments are not painful although some patients may feel a burning sensation during the procedure. When pain is anticipated, your dermatologist would apply numbing creams before the procedure which will reduce or abort the pain.

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