Q & A 3

Jul 24, 12 Q & A 3

I have stretch marks on my lower back and it irritates me because I have tried all the ‘miracle’ creams out there. I have come to a conclusion that I will not witness this miracle. Thus, I have resorted to using concealer; what is a good water proof concealer I can use?

Though there are no ‘miracle’ creams in the market, there are some creams and procedures that can reduce the appearance of these stretch marks. Stretch marks do not only come with changes in colour of the skin, it also causes the change in texture. Changes in texture are often not concealed well. If colour is the only concern and you do not require treatment for it, you can opt for any waterproof concealer that is ointment or cream based for better coverage. One part of the management of stretch marks often overlooked is to prevent further stretch marks. Apart from weight management, regular application of skin moisturiser over areas prone to stretch marks can prevent new stretch marks from forming. For example, applying moisturiser over the lower tummy of a pregnant lady can reduce or even prevent stretch marks from the pregnancy to occur.


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