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Jul 22, 12 Q & A 1

I have had acne scars for a long time, ever since I hit puberty. Even at the age of 26, I can still see faint scars on my face which I usually cover up with makeup. However, I would prefer not to resort to makeup to cover up these scars. What kind of treatment would you recommend to remove acne scars?

Some acne heal leaving behind black marks and these are normally not permanent. There are creams available that will hasten the recovery, i.e. azelaic acid or other depigmenting cream. Other dented acne scars are not as responsive to creams. Superficial dented scars may benefit from chemical peels, dermabrasions, light therapy and lasers. When it is deep, lasers such as CO2, erbium:yag lasers and even surgical procedures may be needed to improve its appearance. Surgical procedures can release the tethering of the scars to the underlying structures and sometimes excision of the scars may be needed to improve the appearance. As there are various modalities available for treatment, it is very important to consult an experienced dermatologist to tailor-make your treatment to ensure the correct treatment is chosen with the least side-effects.

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