Q & A 3

Jul 24, 12 Q & A 3

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I have stretch marks on my lower back and it irritates me because I have tried all the ‘miracle’ creams out there. I have come to a conclusion that I will not witness this miracle. Thus, I have resorted to using concealer; what is a good water proof concealer I can use?

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Q & A 2

Jul 23, 12 Q & A 2

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Does going to sleep with mascara cause your eyes to develop fine lines around them?

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Q & A 1

Jul 22, 12 Q & A 1

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I have had acne scars for a long time, ever since I hit puberty. Even at the age of 26, I can still see faint scars on my face which I usually cover up with makeup. However, I would prefer not to resort to makeup to cover up these scars. What kind of treatment would you recommend to remove acne scars?

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