Q & A 9: How to differentiate weak and strong steroid?

Aug 27, 12 Q & A 9: How to differentiate weak and strong steroid?

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How to differentiate between weak and strong steroid?

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Q & A 8

Aug 03, 12 Q & A 8

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Dear Dr Irene, Can lasers help to smoothen my skin? A reader of StarHealth

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Q & A 7

Jul 28, 12 Q & A 7

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What are the options available to me if I want to lighten and remove my skin pigmentation? How long does the procedure take, how many sessions will I need and lastly, is the treatment painful?

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Q & A 6

Jul 26, 12 Q & A 6

Posted by in Port wine stain, Q & A

I’ve tried concealing my port wine stain birthmark with concealer and make-up. Now, I am looking at options to remove it permanently. Please give me some advice on how to go about doing it.

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Q & A 5

Jul 26, 12 Q & A 5

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I have blackheads all over my face, especially on my nose and chin. How can I get rid of them?

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Q & A 4

Jul 25, 12 Q & A 4

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Is it true that soap is bad for the skin?

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