The Star – Laser those black spots away (Sep 2013)

In a typical Asian country, being fair and spotless is one of the key attributes of beauty. Today, there are many ways beyond usage of creams and lotions to make one fairer and spotless; spots pertaining to ‘pigment spots’. Laser has become increasingly popular as the ideal method for skin lightening and treatment of pigment spots.

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The ABCs of UV Protection

Learn about how you can protect yourself against UV radiation effectively.

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What you need to know about ultraviolet(UV) protection

Images of pretty girls sunning on the beach are often accompanied by images of them applying sunblocks or wearing broad-brimmed hats. While sunning can be enjoyable, the ultraviolet exposure is not to be neglected. Most know that ultraviolet is one major cause of skin cancers worldwide and its incidence can certainly be reduced with...

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Nd:Yag laser; What’s the hype about it?

Nd:Yag laser is one of the most commonly talked about laser, especially in our part of the world where pigmentary disorders are rampant. We read about it on the news, magazines, facebook and probably hear about this from friends and relatives. Many equate lasers with red swollen face, probably watery as well. This may repulse people from even considering lasers for their woes. Lets examine whats Nd:Yag laser about in this issue...

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Laser Me Beautiful~ Is laser the only answer to pigmentations?

The Star, Star 2 supplement, Wed 1 August 2012, Page 14

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Q & A 7

Jul 28, 12 Q & A 7

Posted by in Pigmentation, Q & A

What are the options available to me if I want to lighten and remove my skin pigmentation? How long does the procedure take, how many sessions will I need and lastly, is the treatment painful?

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