What do you need to know about toxics in your cosmetics products

Jul 10, 13 What do you need to know about toxics in your cosmetics products

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What comes to mind when you think of pollution? Probably not your shampoo, soap or hand lotion. But some of the chemicals found in personal care products aren't that pretty. U.S. researchers identified 10,500 industrial chemicals used as cosmetic ingredients, including carcinogens, pesticides, reproductive toxics, endocrine disruptors, plasticizers, degreasers and surfactants.

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Caring for underarms (NST 12 June 2013)

Often neglected, the underarms are nevertheless susceptible to injury and damage, writes Mi Mi Teh THE axilla, more unglamorously and commonly known as the armpit or underarm, is the area on the human body under the joint where the arm connects to the shoulder. Colloquially, armpit refers to an object or place which is often...

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Dermatitis can lead to fingerprint ID failures

Dec 29, 12 Dermatitis can lead to fingerprint ID failures

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From Reuters Health (28/12/2012) (Reuters Health) – Adults with excessively dry hands were four times more likely than healthy counterparts to fail computerized fingerprint verification tests in a small new study from Malaysia. “Because of the emerging use of biometrics in daily living, I think hand dermatitis is an...

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House dust mites and your skin

House dust mites are tiny monsters found in the environment that feeds on human skin flakes. They are so tiny and unnoticeable, yet able to mount a great allergy response in sensitive people. You may have heard of its relationship with asthma, nose allergy as well as skin allergy. Being a dermatologist, naturally I will be talking...

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