Dermatitis can lead to fingerprint ID failures

Dec 29, 12 Dermatitis can lead to fingerprint ID failures

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From Reuters Health (28/12/2012) (Reuters Health) – Adults with excessively dry hands were four times more likely than healthy counterparts to fail computerized fingerprint verification tests in a small new study from Malaysia. “Because of the emerging use of biometrics in daily living, I think hand dermatitis is an...

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What you need to know about ultraviolet(UV) protection

Images of pretty girls sunning on the beach are often accompanied by images of them applying sunblocks or wearing broad-brimmed hats. While sunning can be enjoyable, the ultraviolet exposure is not to be neglected. Most know that ultraviolet is one major cause of skin cancers worldwide and its incidence can certainly be reduced with...

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Hair loss (Mandarin)

Nov 09, 12 Hair loss (Mandarin)

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Learn about types of hair loss as well as prevention and treatment of common hair/scalp conditions.

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Nd:Yag laser; What’s the hype about it?

Nd:Yag laser is one of the most commonly talked about laser, especially in our part of the world where pigmentary disorders are rampant. We read about it on the news, magazines, facebook and probably hear about this from friends and relatives. Many equate lasers with red swollen face, probably watery as well. This may repulse people from even considering lasers for their woes. Lets examine whats Nd:Yag laser about in this issue...

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Rosacea – The red fiery minus the lumps type

Rosacea is a relatively common skin disorder in the west, and with a lower prevalence in Asia. However, it is still not an uncommon disorder that I see in my normal clinic practice. Rosacea is a long standing facial condition that presents with redness, flushing and pimple-like lesions. There are 4 major types of rosacea;...

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