Is it really just a mole? This dermatologist teaches us how to spot skin cancer According to the data from the official National Cancer Registry, skin cancer accounts for 2.6 per cent of all cancer cases in the country, making it the 10th most common type of cancer in Malaysia. Plus, before you write it off as a problem for...

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Picosecond laser (in mandarin)

Mar 19, 20 Picosecond laser (in mandarin)

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皮秒激光采光震波效应 减少热伤害 去斑效果佳 2020-03-13 07:03 ...

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Many facing thumbprint woes

Jan 15, 18 Many facing thumbprint woes

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Taken from   KUALA LUMPUR: The thumbprint verification system for a host of public facilities is posing problems to an increasing number of Malaysians. These people find themselves being denied access to basic facilities because they are...

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The truth about sunscreen- The Star 4th June 2014

Jun 14, 14 The truth about sunscreen- The Star 4th June 2014

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When it comes to sunscreens, does cost reflect quality? It may not be the sexiest beauty product out there, but any self-respecting woman – or man – should not leave home without slathering some on. Sunscreen is said to be your skin’s best line of defence against UV rays, and healthcare practitioners have long extolled the...

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Common facial skin problem – The Male version

Nov 06, 13 Common facial skin problem – The Male version

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Self-care does not restrict to only females. Our male counterparts also deserve some attention to this issue. There are some skin problems that are more prevalent among males and some issues tends to be more significant in them. In this issue, we'll have a look at some of the common facial skin problems among men.

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